Teacher Training Workshop on Problem Solving & Conflict Management

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Teachers, parents and students are coming back to school after a 20 month hiatus. Each of these stakeholders have been in the confines of their home working individually during the pandemic. During this time everyone has gone through their share of personal setbacks and emotional upheaval. When all of them come together for offline school there is bound to be personal baggage, emotional stress and conflicts. This workshop will help discuss and deal with conflict management and problems solving as we begin offline school.

It is important to have conflicts. Conflict is a necessary evil but can be constructive if handled well. A team that always agrees unanimously is unlikely to bring creativity or alternative ideas, thus stifling innovation and restricting growth. Unfortunately, workplace conflicts, whether personal or team conflicts, create barriers and lead to an unnecessarily prolonged decision-making process. Therefore, effective Problem Solving and Conflict Management involves supporting and requiring consistent, respectful, and effective discussion and resolution of issues, failing which there could severe personal and professional consequences.

This workshop will cover the following:
1. Definitions & examples of conflicts
2. Skills needed to resolve conflicts & solve problems
3. Conflicting situations in various scenarios
4. Conflicts among colleagues, within family, between teacher and student, between teacher and parent, between online and offline scenario
6. Hands on activities/strategies.

Open to all Educators
Dr. Pooja Jain
Head of English Department, The Assam Valley School

A passionate educator and a keen learner, Pooja has a teaching experience of over 15 years, at leading schools like the Scindia School of Boys, Sherwood School and now The Assam Valley School. Debates, Dramatics, Public Speaking and Stage Activities fascinate her the most. Pooja is also the Round Square Representative at AVS. She firmly believe in an unbiased and inclusive mode of imparting education.

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