Teacher Training Workshop on Competency Based Assessments

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NEP 2020 brings in complete transformation of the academic process. Competency- based assessments - Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) is the buzz word especially with new scheme of assessments released for Grade 10 and 12. SAFAL- In line with CBA focuses on assessing core-competencies at key levels. Grade 3,5 and 8 focuses on identifying the areas of intervention. SAFAL also builds up on foundations of Literacy and Numeracy (FLN). NIPUN-National Initiative on Reading with Understanding and Numeracy focuses on Universal Acquisition of Literacy Skills by Grade 3. As an educator, we need to equip ourselves to create competency- based education pattern. It is time to master the skills of creating competency-based assessments. 

This 2-hour module aims to empower the educators with skills to create competency-based assessment- all types of MCQs as per guidelines of New scheme of examination for Board classes,SAFAL and building upon the Foundations of Numeracy and Literacy.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the approach to competency based assessment framework
  • Learn the approach to different types of MCQs as per Competency Based Assessment Framework

All educators (Academic Coordinators, Heads at of Pre-primary, Primary and Middle Levels) associated with Grade 1 to 8
Veena Raizada
Independent Educational Consultant

Ms. Veena Raizada, an Independent Educational Consultant, Trainer, Founder Principal of Three Educational Institutions, Former Director Academics of Next Education is an educational professional with a highly diverse nature of assignments in 40+ years of teaching & administrative experiences. An ardent supporter of technology has a decade of experience in digital content and application creation. She is empowering educators in the usage of technology and imbibing the spirit of NEP.

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