Power of Communication in Schools

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The non academic team in a school is probably the first team that interacts with prospective parents when they come to inquire about the school. It is important for this team to understand how to communicate effectively. These staff members also interact and work with other functions of the school, making communication a key to better collaboration as well!

Effective communication is a key element to the success of a school. It builds employee morale, satisfaction and engagement, and prevents undesirable situations from escalating. Effective communication enhances relationships, promotes healthy interaction and ensures a smooth flow of information between the various stake holders of the school.

Key Takeaways

Participants in this 2 hour workshop will learn about:
1. Types of communication
2. The art of being an effective communicator:
i. With various stakeholders in the school system
ii. Through written & spoken communication skills
3. Effective listening - Building relationships through communication
4. Ensuring your communication is crisp, concise & clear

Academic & non-academic staff wanting to enhance communication skills
Anez Katre
Professional Development Consultant
PG. Dip In Advanced Education Practice from Institute of Education, UCL, UK

25 years of experience of working in the field of Education, with over two decades as Head of Training in a premier residential school. Has conducted a number of workshops for teachers and students in India and Nepal.

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