Make your STEM classes more engaging

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Science, Technology, Engineering and Math foster skills of the 21st century like critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. It is imperative that lessons in STEM learning be fun and encouraging to students so they pursue their scientific interests into their life.

Key Takeaways

Participants will be able to
  • Experience hands on and minds on science, math that matters, contextual learning and Inquiry in STEM classrooms.
  • Incorporate engineering and design challenges
  • Get an elementary understanding of how to integrate project and problem-based STEM challenges within the classroom, and informal learning environments

Elementary STEM Educators
Shilpa Sharma
STEM Educator

Shilpa Sharma is a certified Maker-Centred Educator from Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is pursuing her Masters in STEM education and is a certified educator for Creating Cultures of thinking and Question Formation Techniques from HGSE. She is a passionate STEM educator, working with an IB school. A firm believer in the Design Thinking process, she likes to reinvent herself as well as teaching style by learning new skills and technologies.

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