Interactive Content Creation using Online Tools & Techniques

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Now that all educators are familiar with technology platforms, tools, and resources for online teaching, what comes next? Integrating technology into academic processes. Technology integration is more than just knowing the tech-tools to be used while teaching online or otherwise. Integrating technology implies learning the art of embedding tech tools and resources into the content planning. TPACK – Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge framework lays the foundation of meaningful integration of technology into teaching. Understanding the intersection of technology, pedagogy and content is crucial for integrating technology into teaching -learning processes. SAMR model categorizes the degree of integration of technology into content planning. Thoughtfully integrated tech tools and resources create interactive content that enhances learner engagement and caters to differentiated instruction. This session focuses on learning the art of creating interactive content by embedding resources into the lesson plans for independent or collaborative learning environments.

Key Takeaways

The participants will be able to
• Have basic idea of TPACK and SAMR Framework
• Learn technology tools and techniques into instructional designs
• Have experience of interacting with Tech Resources embedded content for online teaching

Open to all Educators
Veena Raizada
Independent Educational Consultant

Ms. Veena Raizada, an Independent Educational Consultant, Trainer, Founder Principal of Three Educational Institutions, Former Director Academics of Next Education is an educational professional with a highly diverse nature of assignments in 40+ years of teaching & administrative experiences. An ardent supporter of technology has a decade of experience in digital content and application creation. She is empowering educators in the usage of technology and imbibing the spirit of NEP.

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