Educator Meetup - Teacher as a Reflective Practitioner

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This session aims to draw the attention of present and aspiring teachers about how a reflective practitioner can make education an improved teaching practice at a narrower sense but at a broader understanding a means of social change and progress.
The main take away from the session will be the participants understanding of the role of a reflective practitioner and important steps  to undertake an action research.

Key Takeaways

At the end of the session, the participants will be able to
  • Understand the teacher’s role in today’s education system
  • Explore the role of a reflective practitioner
  • Investigate different strategies to cultivate the skills of a reflective practitioner
  • Describe the significance of Action Research as an implement for being a reflective practitioner
  • Formulate a title for a potential Action Research

Teachers - Both Primary And Secondary, Academic Heads
Kalpana Chavan
Assistant Professor, St. Xavier’s Institute of Education, Mumbai
M.Ed, M.A.(Philosophy, Sociology) with NET

Ms. Kalpana is currently pursuing Doctoral Research from Dept of Education, University of Mumbai. She has completed her M.Ed., M.A.(Philosophy, Sociology) with NET cleared in all three Masters.
Ms. Kalpana has various research papers published and presented at state and national level. She has received research funding from University of Mumbai and MGNCRE and also works as a content developer, content writer and member of different Core Syllabus Committees. Ms. Kalpana is a Visiting Faculty and Guest Lecturer at University of Mumbai, SNDT University, Colleges of Education and Colleges of Higher Education.

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