Educator Meetup - Classrooms as Safe Spaces

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This program will focus on the need for child safeguarding and protection and the role of schools and educators in ensuring this.

In this meetup, we will discuss:

- Prevalence of child abuse through data and examples

- Types of risks to children - in the physical/virtual world

- Legal Framework for the same (in brief)

- Role of schools and educators in child protection 

We will have a 30 minute Q&A at the end of the session to resolve queries and discuss further on the topic.

This meetup is facilitated by Neha Pradhan Arora & Joyita Ambett from Mudita Foundation. Mudita Foundation is an organisation committed to creating a world where each individual is living upto their full potential without fear, abuse and exploitation. Since their inception, they have focused on the designing and implementation of awareness and capacity-building programmes to build awareness, collective responsibility and impact towards the issues of child sexual abuse, online abuse and human trafficking. They work with schools, communities and civil society organisations across India and have conducted sessions with over 2000 children, adolescents, students, parents, teachers, development professionals both virtually and physically.


Teachers - Both Primary And Secondary, Academic Heads
Neha Pradhan Arora
Independent Educator

Neha Pradhan Arora is a creative and passionate educator, who believes that social justice must be the foundation of what we teach to ensure that the world we live in is just, equitable, inclusive and sustainable. She has worked in the education and development sector for over 15 years with a focus on building capacities of young people and teachers. She works with schools across the country to help strengthen the teaching-learning environment through dialogue and learning experiences.

Joyita Ambett
Co- Founder & Advisor, Mudita Foundation NGO

A passionate seeker of social justice Joyita believes that complex social issues leading to exploitation and abuse of children, youth and adults, can only be addressed through collective effort and partnerships enhanced by evidence-based impact measures.

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