E-Learning Program on Story Telling as a Pedagogy

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Storytelling is a skill every educator must grasp and master. Storytelling is a performing art and so is teaching. Every time a teacher is in front of a class, she is performing a piece. When we visualise as an artist rather than as a mere disseminator of information, we will be able to bring in the interest and connect into our teaching practice. We will also see how storytelling helps our lessons in an engaging manner, taking students along a fantastical path of learning and discovery as the story unfolds.The participants will participate in activites and empathise with the characters, predict the ending, come up with alternate versions, question the plot.

Key Takeaways

What will I learn?
1. How to tell a story(elements)
2. Stories for integrated Learning
3. Story based Planning and assessment

How will I use it?
1. Incorporate story telling in your teaching as a pedagogy
2. Understand how to integrate stories and develop a multi-disciplinary approach to teaching
3. Use stories both as process and product

What difference will it make in my life?
1. You will be able to kindle creativity in my students
2. More engaging classes will lead to happy classrooms
3. Discovery based and competency based learning can be promoted in my subjects
4. Will be a progressive teacher

All levels of teachers
Principal, Harvest International School, Bangalore
M.A, M.Phil., M.Ed

A dedicated, ambitious and goal-driven educator with 27 Years of experience in Teaching and Educational Administration and setting up of Educational Institutions. Expertise in Transformation in education ,leadership, Curriculum design and development weaving in 21st century skills , values based on social cognition, development of cross cultural matrix, effective work deployment domain, culture building, Instructional design on lateral thinking, and pedagogy.
CBSE Resource person,Conducted workshops on Creative teaching techniques and skills ,Story telling as Pedagogy ,Effective communication, Critical Thinking, Problem solving, Lifeskills, Implementing NEP-2020 .
Specialist in designing instructional techniques on communication , values , shared process, participatory , safe and secure environment , rigorous academic excellence, professional development of teachers on child safety and conflict resolution , alignment of personal and professional goals of the staff with the Vision and mission of the school,local and international accreditation for CBSE, IB-PYP designed , developed and implemented quality systems and processes for effective school administration. Highly interested in school improvement and planning ,new school set ups, school audits, capacity building both at national and international level having worked with local and international staff, students and parents.

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