E-Learning Program on Home as a Learning Resource

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It has been a year of online teaching-learning and teachers everywhere have struggled with replicating learning, enhancing student engagement and measuring learning in the virtual space. While we have used and created online resources, found new ways to have homework submitted and corrected and even e-invigilated assessments; one resource we have not explored and utilized to its potential is each child's own home and family. Can we as teachers and educators design offline learning experiences to focus on the skill-based outcomes while using resources and experiences at home (no matter what the social-economic background of the child)? This workshop focuses on processes and ideas for the same.

Program Outcomes:

What Will I Learn? 
- How to identify resources within the home and family 

- How to create home-based assignments and experiences 

- How to asses learning that happens at home

How Will I use it?
- By integrating home-based learning experiences and tools into my own lesson plan 

- By creating age-appropriate projects 

- By assessing the learning through the use of skill-focused rubrics and descriptors

What Difference will it make in my life? 
- Learning in my class will be contextual and meaningful to the students' lives 

- Learning will focus on skill-based outcomes and measurable 

- Learning will also strengthen the connections student has with the teacher, the curriculum and the home

Inquisitive Teachers - Across Classes, Subjects And Boards - Who Are Keen To Increase Engagement Through Contextual Teaching-Learning
Neha Pradhan Arora
Independent Educator

Neha Pradhan Arora is a creative and passionate educator, who believes that social justice must be the foundation of what we teach to ensure that the world we live in is just, equitable, inclusive and sustainable. She has worked in the education and development sector for over 15 years with a focus on building capacities of young people and teachers. She works with schools across the country to help strengthen the teaching-learning environment through dialogue and learning experiences.

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