E-Learning Program on Design thinking for Educators

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Design Thinking as a concept is taking the world of education by storm. 

It's 5-step innovative process enables teachers to empower their students to think critically and problem solve effectively. 

With Ideation, Prototyping and Presentation built into its format, it is a perfect 21st Century Skills Development and Delivery vehicle.

Program Outcome:

What Will I Learn? 
- Describe the ‘Design Thinking’ approach as means to problem-solving 

- Unlocking the real power of Ideation 

- Associating the role of Empathy in Design Thinking 

How Will I use it? 
Teachers and students can use the Design thinking approach while working on projects, solving problems and as an approach towards criticial thinking in classrooms

What Difference will it make in my life? 
Enhance your understanding of thinking classrooms

Teachers - Both Primary And Secondary, Academic Heads
Nargish Khambatta
Principal and CEO of GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai and Vice President – Education, GEMS Education

Nargish Khambatta, Principal and CEO of GEMS Modern Academy and Vice President – Education, is the recipient of the first ever GEMS Exceptional Head of School Award 2018. With a Masters’ Degree in Microbiology, she made the transition from teaching to educational leadership having spent over 32 years in the field of education. An avid proponent of positive psychology in education, she has been a panelist and presenter at 4 international iPEN Conferences in USA, China and Australia Prior to joining GEMS Modern Academy in December 2009, she has worked at elite educational institutions as well as large public schools and has spent meaningful years at The Doon School, Dehradun, The Indian School, Muscat and Sophia College, Mumbai.

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