E-Learning Program on Building a Competency Based Curriculum

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There are many approaches to curriculum development. This program presents one way that has proved to be successful in developing competency-based education. The program will familiarize the participants with the basics of curriculum planning, design, and implementation keeping in mind the NEP.

Program Outcomes:

What will I learn?

- The Difference Between CBE and Traditional Education

- What is the scope of CBE with regard to NEP 

- How to develop competencies in your subject

How will I use it?

- Understand the core competencies needed for 21st centuries learners, and learn strategies to make teaching learning process relevant, effective and joyful.

What difference will it make in my life?

-Will help teachers develop a more practical and professional approach to teaching where real life based, application-oriented competencies are defined.

Aspiring Educators, Facilitators, Teachers, Curriculum Developers, Subject Experts And School Leaders
Dr. Sita Shankar
Principal, Gopalan International School

Dr. Shankar is an accomplished professional with 20 years of rich and extensive experience in Teaching, Administration & Teacher training; currently working with Gopalan International School as Principal. A passionate teacher trainer, skilled in Curriculum Development, Management, Leadership, and Research. She is a strong special educator with a Doctoral degree in sustainable development.

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