E-Learning Program on Advanced Competency Based Curriculum Planning

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In alignment with the recommendations of NEP 2020, Schools are shifting towards competency focused curriculum. The workshop is aimed at building the understanding of teachers on key competencies and rationale for education transformation. The teachers with right mindset will undergo experiential learning and explore the various components of competency focused curriculum, identify key competencies required for learners to lead life meaningfully, hone these competencies within the academic context and be able to give constructive feedback on the same.

Session 1: The participants will be able to understand the key competencies that will be needed to be developed in students
Session 2: The session will build the understanding of critical thinking and its integration in the classroom within the academic context and plan curriculum & lesson plans
Session 3: The session will build the understanding on collaborative learning and how to incorporate it in the classroom transactions with a deeper understanding of incorporating the core competencies

Key Takeaways

  • Appreciate the key factors influencing education (changes in the world, globalization and information explosion, how children learn)
  • Identify and define key competencies required in the learners to live life meaningfully, the most important aim of education
  • Integrate critical thinking in classroom transactions w.r.t. define critical thinking, incorporate strategies to hone critical thinking and create a rubric to assess critical thinking
  • Integrate collaborative learning in the classroom transactions w.r.t. define collaborative learning, incorporate strategies of collaborative learning, and create a rubric for assessing collaborative learning

Curriculum and Academic heads, Homeroom teachers, Subject teachers, Head of Departments
Mukta Sharma
Independent Educational Consultant

Mukta has diverse experience in Education, Biotech and IT industry in and outside India across profiles and organisations. Mukta Sharma is a passionate educationist and has experienced various facets of education industry including but not limited to  Teacher  training and development, School Administration,  Curriculum design and implementation, Macro management of K 12 schools, training of school Principals and leaders  for enhancing personal and professional effectiveness. Mukta stands for quality and equity in  education and has consulted schools of varied characteristics in terms of demography, socio-economic background of student etc. and is effectively able to adapt to the school culture and teacher’s level of comprehension. 

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