Collaborative Teamwork for Total School Excellence

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The objectives of the workshop on Collaborative Teamwork for Total School Excellence is to enable School leaders and Senior teachers along with the Non Academic Staff to build, sustain and develops high quality and performance in all aspects of School functioning.

Objectives of the workshop
1. Revisit the Mission of the school and algin the objectives of each funcionality to the maximize the productivity
2. Milestones that can be achieved together
3. Importance of team building in the school scenario
4. Set processes and systems for executing total school excellence
5. Implementing Total School Excellence

Key Takeaways:

1. Participants will learn about the importance of team collaboration 
2. Understand the importance of aligning the goal of each function with the aim and objective of school
3. Learn how to set a system for continous monitoring of the process for smooth functioning
4. Enjoy team building and team collaboration activities

Academic and Non Academic Staff, School Leaders, Senior Teachers
Malcolm Stephens
Business & Leadership Coach, Mentor, Corporate Trainer & Consultant

Malcolm Stephens an Engineer and Post Graduate in Marketing Management by learning, is a Certified International Life, Performance & Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer and Certified Master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner from the Richard Bandler Institute, USA. Since 1993, he has coached, trained and mentored more than Two Hundred Fifty organizations and Ninety Thousand people. He brings with him a rich experience of the best practices in the field of transformation, knowledge, education and learning management.

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