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Certificate Course in Instructional Leadership:

A series of 7 leadership workshops for middle leaders, heads of department, co-ordinators, middle-level administrators, and anyone with middle-level decision-making responsibility

The CCIL course from the Aditya Birla Training Academy addresses the needs and aspirations of schools across India; to help them develop as centers of excellence in learning and teaching.

During our seven workshops, you will be coached through the key areas of effective middle leadership.  Each workshop will introduce relevant new learning, explore models of effective practice; and apply  everything learned to your own school context.  

Each 2-hour workshop will focus on one key area of quality middle leadership: 

1. Workshop 1: What makes an excellent middle leader – Middle leaders is the engine room of  any school; they work with teachers to ensure great learning happens. This session explores  the knowledge, skills, and behaviours middle leaders need to develop in order to secure real  impact.  

2. Workshop 2: Developing your leadership style – Great leadership looks like lots of different  things. The most effective leaders can adapt their leadership style to match the person,  situation, or issue they are dealing with. This session focuses on helping leaders to develop  their leadership style to get the best out of themselves and others. 

3. Workshop 3: Leading Change - We know that leaders make the weather in a school. The  culture and climate in a school are important in terms of creating the conditions for success.  This session explores what leaders can do to create a culture and climate of excellence within  their area of responsibility.  

4. Workshop 4: Leading people – how to have difficult conversations. Whether you are an  experienced middle leader or new to middle leadership, having difficult conversations is  something that can keep you awake at night. This session explores what makes difficult  conversations so hard and provides practical strategies and approaches for success.  

5. Workshop 5: Leading Teaching - Great teaching looks like lots of different things but what  does the latest research tell us about what works best? This session draws on the latest  research about great teaching and supports middle leaders to think about how they can put  it into practice in their areas of responsibility.  

6. Workshop 6: The Science of Learning - Through cognitive science, we know more than we  ever knew before about how children learn. We know that they are capable of far more than  we traditionally thought possible. This session explores how middle leaders can translate what  we know about how children learn into best practices in the classroom. 

7. Workshop 7: Evaluation and Impact - School evaluation is integral to school improvement  because schools need to know where they are and what they need to do to get better. This  session explores what effective and accurate evaluation looks like and how evidence and data  should inform our judgments. 

8. Evaluation project - In a project of about 1,500 words evaluate how one or more of the  leadership training workshops has helped you develop your middle leadership.

Stephen Burnage
Award winning Education Consultant & Trainer

Steve Burnage is an experienced international consultant and trainer who has worked extensively with The British Council in Egypt to produce their independent schools’ quality assurance visit protocols. You may also have heard Steve deliver a successful keynote at the recent school leaders forum. Having served over 25 years as a teacher and school leader in the UK, Steve is now in demand as an author, consultant and trainer specialising in the areas of leadership development, effective classroom pedagogy and practice; and school inspection, improvement and development. Steve is an accredited trainer for The British Council and a lead trainer and examiner for Cambridge International Examinations and The International Baccalaureate.

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    1.       To help you develop into a highly effective leadership coach ready to lead and develop excellent teaching and learning in your school.

    2.       Explore models of best practice in the core leadership skills of situational leadership, leading change, leading people, leading teaching, the science of learning, and measuring impact and effectiveness.

    3.       Work with internationally accredited experts to develop your own coaching style through mentor-led workshops

    4.       Witness improvement in the quality of learning and teaching through structured coaching across your school.


    Each of the workshops will be live and there will be opportunities for Q&A during each one. The timing of each of the seven modules is spread across a period of two months to allow you the opportunity to apply to learn from each module in your school.