Back to school: Understanding social & emotional needs of students

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Returning to school after more than a year is going to have its pros and cons, more pros as students seem very excited to return back to school. Having said that, we are always going a have a few socially sensitive students who may see this change as a challenge. This workshop will help you, as adults around children, be more mindful of some of the subtle challenges students could face getting back offline, strategies to manage them and build empathy in a scenario where not just the students, but we as adults, may also need some comforting and reassurance to get back in the drawing board.

This workshop will be using components Arts Based Therapy to create and build insights into the students and teachers world post the pandemic. Touching on the subtle social and emotional needs of these young individuals who have had to adjust to multiple challenges over the one and a half years.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sensitivity to the challenges getting back offline may create for our students
  • Staying mindful to our expectations
  • Creating self-awareness of the adjustment we may have to go through too
  • Learning and gaining insight through case discussions
  • Creating and building empathy

Open to all Educators
Avalanne Dsouza
Psychologist and School Counselor

Ms Avalanne Dsouza is a Psychologist and Arts Based Therapist practicing in Mumbai. She has been working at The Aditya Birla Integrated School as a school psychologist for the last five years. She is part of the core team that created and developed a first of its kind mental health curriculum for schools called Minds Matter. Her training in Applied Buddhist Psychology gives her a unique perspective on understanding the emotional and behavioural needs of students and young adults.

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