Art of Therapeutic storytelling to heal

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This workshop you will dive deep to understand how stories work for inner voice.
Session will be interactive and practical with ample demonstrations and with brief exercises to develop stories and skills.
You will have a chance to consider why
storytelling works, how to introduce and incorporate storytelling in classroom,
counselling, gain a resource of sample stories as well as ideas of where to look for suitable stories for therapy.

1)  Understand how storytelling facilitate healing.

2) You will learn how to design stories that facilitate an inclusive environment and channelize behavior problems with children.

3) Understand the structure and framework on writing therapeutic stories.

4) Gain a set of story resources to use in classrooms.

Teachers, Counselors, Educators
Anuradha Rohra
Founder - i-Express Academy

Anuradha is a Drama Based Learning Facilitator, renowned Storyteller, certified Listening Hour Guide, certified Happiness Coach who has been working with educational institutions and corporates for over 15years. She has trained teachers and students across India and globally.

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