ABEA Masterclass on JQ- Going Beyond IQ and EQ toward the Cosmic Mind

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Faced with multiple challenges to our existence, we must conceive a new approach to learning. JQ or the “Joy Quotient” presents a blueprint for physical, emotional, and mental wellness at all ages, from inspired school learning to comfortable adulthood and successful aging.

Drawing upon a global perspective, a series of learning activities and insights lead to the cultivation of the “cosmic mind” that blends imperatives from our biology and our historical inheritance. An inter-disciplinary exploration combines the latest research from neuroscience and the “gut-brain axis” with inspirations from the humanities, the arts, and wisdom traditions. This is a quotient with infinite possibility, mirroring the dynamic capacity of our greatest ally, the brain.

Join us for an hour long discussion with Dr. Vivek Bammi, an International Educator & Author to know more about the importance of the joy quotient and how this can impact the way we teach and learn.

Open to all Educators
Dr. Vivek Bammi
International Educator

Dr. Vivek Bammi is an international educator, having taught the Humanities and Theory of Knowledge in schools in the USA, India, the Philippines, Indonesia and China for over 30 years. He has examined the Theory of Knowledge and World Studies Extended Essay for the IB. A committed globalist, his sources of joy include travel, classical music, photography, painting, film, theatre, cuisine, cricket, tennis, and good conversation.


Golden Buddhism
Indonesia: A Feast for the Senses
Theory of Knowledge for the International Baccalaureate (co-author) Angkor: Celestial Grandeur

Deep Learning: A Journey in Critical Thinking and Reflective Knowledge (co-author)

JQ: Joy Quotient – a new paradigm: Life and Learning after Covid

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