5 ways in which museums can help you teach better

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Teachers, are you curious about how you can use museums more effectively in your classrooms to help your students achieve their learning goals? Join us for the  Teacher Training Workshop on Effective Use of Museums as a Tool for Classroom Learning, where in over 2 hours, you will understand how you can utilize museums as a tool to enhance classroom learning and explore learning theories to make museum visits more impactful, enriching, and closely aligned with curriculum objectives. You will gain insights into some noteworthy museums in India and abroad and their digital resources that can readily be used to make online classes more fun, engaging, and effective. Finally, you will learn about essential methods to extend learning from museums to classrooms, and many handy tips and resources to make learning in and with museums more impactful for students.

The workshop will be highly interactive, and all participants shall receive a certificate on the successful completion of the workshop. Participants will learn:
  • How museums can be utilized for classroom learning
  • Role of museum educators to support student engagement
  • Theories that can be applied to museum aided learning
  • Games and activities to support learning in museums
  • Essential methods to extend learning from museums to classrooms

Teachers of all subjects teaching grades 4 to 12
Garima Sharma
Learning Experience Designer

Garima Sharma leads the education programming at ReReeti Foundation. Her interests and professional experience revolve around instructional design for informal learning spaces and content development for children and young people. She is curious about ways that science and social studies can come together to make learning more relevant and experiential for young learners. Garima is passionate about the natural world, and is constantly striving to create dialogue that can lead to its conservation and appreciation.

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