Engaging Students For Deeper Learning In The Digital Age

Graduate School of Education - PennGSE

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The Virtual Online Teaching - Engaging Students For Deeper Learning In The Digital Age Certificate program at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education prepares teachers for the challenges and rigors of the 21st century classroom, especially in the light of the COVID-19 disruption of education.

The main objectives of the program are:
  1. To help educators design cognitively rich learning online and in-person learning environments
  2. To develop digital literacies among educators for a face to face classroom
  3. Efficiently use technology to enhance deep learning amongst students
  4. To develop educators who able to teach effectively using digital tools
At the conclusion of the program, participants will create an online or blended classroom portfolio, which includes a complete product (curriculum/unit plan), supporting technologies, and a rationale paper outlining the design considerations for the choices made in creating the learning environments.  This portfolio along with reflection papers, and quiz scores would be used for the assessment of the participants. 
  Eligibility : For Aspiring & Inservice Teachers.
  • Program Structure : 
    1/ Synchronous Online Learning : 10 hours.
    2/ Asynchronous Learning ( Reading, Reflections) : 10 hours.
    3/ Project Work : 10 hours.
  • Modules Details : 
    1/ Technology & Learning in today's world.
    2/ Understanding How People Learn.
    3/ Online, Blended and Hybrid Modalities of Learning.
    4/ Deeper Learning Approaches and Project Based Learning.
    5/ Rethinking Assessments, and Understanding Competency - based Learning.
    6/ Resources for Domain Specific Instruction.
Dr. Betty Chandy
Director for Online Learning, Catalyst at University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education (PennGSE)
Ph.D. in Education from Penn GSE

Betty Chandy is the Director for Online Learning at Catalyst @ Penn GSE. She runs the Virtual Online Teaching (VOLT) certificate program and the Experiences in Applied Computational Thinking (EXACT) program for educators. She started her career as a high school teacher and instructional coach. She then moved into research exploring the impact of professional development on teachers’ pedagogical practices. Her research interests include design of learning environments, online teaching and learning, the use of innovative technology within classrooms, and teacher development. She earned her doctorate from Penn GSE.

Dr. L. Michael Golden
Executive Director, Catalyst, UPenn GSE
Ed.D. from UPenn, MBA from Harvard

Michael is a proven education leader committed to education reform. He brings expertise in the convergence of business, technology, and education as an implementer with experience in established, emergent, and public sector environments. Most recently, Dr. Golden co-founded and served as CEO of Educurious, a non-profit corporation that provides project-based courses and professional development aimed at motivating students to become purposeful, self-confident, and successful in their learning.

Dr. Golden began his career in education as Deputy Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, where he set strategy, policy, programs, and legislation for over two million students. As Deputy Secretary, he developed systems and directed funding to make schools more effective and efficient, including formulating and implementing statewide education technology policies and initiatives. He envisioned and rolled out a groundbreaking $250 million reform to embed student-centered, inquiry-based, data-driven pedagogy in Pennsylvania's 622 high schools through connected classrooms and one-to-one computing environments. 


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