Five Priority Areas for School Leaders to ensure Effective Management

Clear Value System - It is imperative that all the stakeholders are aware and aligned to the overall vision of the organisation. Ultimately, all decisions would be based on what is it that the management believes to be core to their existence. In a school set up, it would be deciding whether to be an academic focused school or one which focuses on emotional well-being of their students.

Happy Students & Staff - A conducive work environment motivates the team to bring their best selves to work every day. Thus, the management should make policies keeping in mind their best people and not the non-performers. Punitive measures are often not the best ways to ensure effective management. The same applies for students. Children need to know the ?why? of every action we take. It is better that all policies are made keeping in mind a two-way dialogue with them and getting their buy in.

Training and Professional Development - As Sundar Pichai just said in his letter to the Google employees, 'the only thing constant is change?. To manage change, every organisation needs to invest in their teachers. To be effective managers, academic leaders need to be constantly up-skilled. A gap assessment should be done annually and a certain amount should be set aside for staff professional development.

Transparency - A Transparent workplace is one that ?operates in a way that creates openness between managers and employees.? This type of openness between managers and employees creates trust and leads to a successful organisation. It is important that people do not work in silos, but work collaboratively for effective management.

Innovation - Effective managers allow their teams to take risks and give them the freedom to fail. Only an open environment leads to innovation, an improvement in quality and overall progress of an organisation.

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Ms. Surabhi Goel
CEO, Aditya Birla Education Academy

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